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Apps that you can use on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. For iPhone and iPad you can find them in iTunes or the Apple Store. For Android you can download them in the Google Play app store.

Bible apps
Most of the apps contain many Bible translations and Bible study plans. What we recommend is NIV (new international version) for English and CNVS for Chinese.
Read Scripture by Crazy Love Ministries; an app of The Bible Project.
M28 Global Discipleship
Youversion the Bible app. How to use this tool.
Reading plans in English, Chinese, and Dutch
Olive Tree is a very extensive library to study the Bible
Faithlife Study Bible is a very extensive library to study the Bible in English. Excellent to have the NIV Study Bible in the mobile app. Great videos as well.
Logos is a very extensive library to study the Bible in English. Great in commentaries.
Our Daily Bread is a daily Bible reading and explanation app. We highly recommend this to all of you. The Bible reading points to BibleGateway in the browser, which you can set to Chinese. The App is also available in Chinese. After reading the passage in your own language, you return to the explanation of ODB.
Solid Joys is a daily devotional by pastor John Piper. You can read it in your browser or download the app in the app stores for Android or Apple.
Search engines is a very extensive database with half a million questions and biblical answers.
Compelling Truth is a site that explains many aspects of Christian truth.
BLOGOS is a good site that gives biblical answers to many real life issues. gives insight in many topics related to the Bible, such as geographical maps including photos, history, and expeimental interface labs.
ChristianAnswers is a site that gives valuable answers on daily life questions and reviews on books, music and movies.
apologeticsindex gives in 50,000 pages insight and warnings about religious movements and cults.