by Ed van Ouwerkerk

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Bible quotations are taken from the New International Version, unless indicated diffently.

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This spiritual barometer is a personal assessment tool that may give you insight in your status of spiritual development. Is my knowledge and understanding of God, the Bible, and Jesus (facts) sufficient to follow Christ? What may be good next steps (faith, feelings) to take in my walk of life? The spiritual barometer gives recommendations in these areas for you to consider. You are free to use this tool privately. None of your answers are being stored or shared with anyone. We respect your privacy.

The Bible is the Word of God
I do not accept that the Bible is God's own written Word
For me the Bible is the Word of God and it has the highest authority and includes all wisdom to live a God honoring life
I think the Bible is a very useful book among other ancient wisdom books
I think that the Bible is a good book, although it may have been changed or corrupted over time while it was translated
God is one, He exists in three persons: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit
I do not understand this concept
I believe God is one-in-three persons
God, the three-in-one, created everything out of nothing. Therefore He is the Owner of everything and everyone
I believe it, because I feel it
I believe it, because the Bible tells me so in Psalm 24:1-2 and other verses
I believe it, because Psalm 25:17 makes that firm statement
I do not accept God as Creator/Owner of the universe and everything therein
I believe in the BIG BANG theory
I believe the universe came into being randomly without any intelligent power behind it
All humans, born after the first sin of Adam and Eve, are sinners and deserve punishment for their sins
I cannot believe I am a sinner
I believe I am a sinner because the Bible tells me; I deserve punishment for my personal sins
I somewhat believe I am a sinner, but that I deserve punishement for it, goes too far for me
I believe I am a sinner, because of what I know about myself
God's character is indescribable. He is everywhere present at the same time, He knows everything, and He is all-powerful. His balanced being includes: being love, being holy, being just, and being merciful
The Bible is clear about God's character. But in the Old Testament I see a lot of war and punishment. Today we see so much violence in this world. So I doubt whether God is really in control (all powerful?)
Is God really Love? I personally don't experience His love
For me God's character is comforting, because as a sinner I can count on Him to be merciful and just. I don't need to be afraid for His judgment. I give myself into a loving personal relationship with Him. Although He is holy I experience that He is close to me
Before Jesus was born in Bethlehem He existed as God. After He was conceived by the Holy Spirit in Mary's womb He also became fully human
I cannot understand this concept
I believe Jesus' mother was a virgin and that Jesus is God and became human as well
This is scientifically impossible and therefore not true
Jesus, the Son of God, died on a cross with the purpose to take away all sins of all people

I believe it, because the Bible tells me so; I believe it as a historical fact for me; I also believe He did that as my substitute to take away my personal sins
It seems to me that it is cruel of God to allow His own Son to die for my sake
For me this is no fact but I believe this because I feel it must be something like that
His death had nothing to do with me or other people
Jesus, the Son of God, was burried in a tomb after His crucifixion; but He physically rose from the dead on the third day; He did that to give all believers eternal life; He defeated Satan by conquering death
I believe dead is dead, so I cannot believe Jesus rose from the dead
I can believe Jesus rose from the dead, but I do not acknowledge that this has anything to do with me
I believe Jesus resurrected to life, as a historical fact. I also believe Jesus gave me eternal life personally
All people are saved by faith in Jesus alone, not by works
I believe it; I believe it is by Jesus' grace I received salvation, that I cannot get salvation by any works
I have a hard time believing that I do not need to do anything for salvation, but having faith only
I think that faith in Jesus is great, but I don't exclude other religions
Baptism is very important because:
It is a public testimony of personal faith
I believe that God blesses families when infants in the family are baptized as early as possible
It is an act of obedience to Jesus according to His command: "Therefore go and baptize people in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and make disciples, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you."
All people need to confess their sins and repent in order to go to Heaven
I believe everyone will go to heaven, sooner or later
I believe all people have a sin nature; all people need to confess their sins and repent. Otherwise there is no way to become righteous before God
I admit that everyone has a sin nature. But God knows everything. So also when I am sorry about the things I did wrong, I think God will not demand any confession, because he loves me