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Dating Assessment Tool
The word 'dating' is not found in the Bible. However, a lot of people nowadays are dating before getting married. In the Bible marriage is called a lifelong covenant between one man and one woman. Married couples should leave their parents (Genesis 2:24), live together (Matthew 19:3-6), and respect and love each other (Ephesians 5:21-33). In a Christian marriage, the marriage covenant is a binding agreement between husband and wife in a close relationship with God. Sexual relationships in the Biblical worldview are reserved for the married couple inside wedlock. Dating people who strive for a good marriage need to know about marriage before they make decisions that are hard to reverse. Especially people without a Christian background need instructions and help. Therefore we post below a dating assessment tool. The tool can be used by singles and by people who already date. We suppose that you already have a possible partner in mind. Therefore we talk about "we". You are free to use this tool privately or together as a dating couple. At the end of the 4-question quiz we offer you a recommendation for your consideration. It's what we have learnt over time using Biblical principles.

None of your answers are being shared with anyone or stored anywhere. We respect your privacy.

What is your spiritual status?
You are unmarried.
What is your housing situation?
What is your sexual behavior?
What is your long time goal
in your relationship?