Jesus Messiah
Jesus Messiah is a 64-page comic book about the life of Jesus. The book has been designed by Willem de Vink in the Netherlands. The book has been translated into more than 99 languages. Momentarily in store: Dutch and English.

In 2017 the Mandarin translation has been completed. See the translation of the Chinese text of the cover page, back page and colofon page into English and Dutch here. The author Willem de Vink has authorized Chinese Student Ministries Netherlands to distribute the Mandarin/Chinese version of the book. If you are interested to have the book for evangelism among Chinese students you can obtain the book free of charge (only shipping costs apply). The book can be used for other purposes (private, school, or church). But then we will charge you no profit, only printing costs and shipping.

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For Android mobile users there is an app of this book in the Google Play Store called "JM Mandarine". Also look at the site