Attributes of a mentor
  • Willingness to spend time it takes to build a close relationship with the learner
  • Commitment to believing in the potential of the learner; telling him the future ahead of him, visualize and verbalize the possibilities for his life
  • Willingness to be vulnerable and transparent before the learner, willing to share strengths, successes, weaknesses, failures, brokenness, and sins
  • Willingness to be honest yet affirming in confronting the learner's errors, faults, and areas of immaturity
  • Commitment to standing by the learner trough trials, even trials that are self-inflicted as a result of ignorance or error
  • Commitment to helping the learner set goals for his spiritual life, career, or ministry, and to helping the learner dream his dream
  • Willingness to objectively evaluate the learner's progress toward his goal
  • Above all, commitment to faithfully living out what is taught