Discovering God

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The Stranger on the Road
to Emmaus, online channel
Jesus film
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0Introductiondownload 1.1 through 1.3
1God Creates (2 sessions)Gen. 1:1-25EngGen. 1:26-31Engdownloaddownload 2.1 In the beginning (session 1)
3.1 Heaven and earth (session 1)
3.2 It was good (session 2)
2God Creates Man and WomanGen. 1:26EngGen. 2:4-25Engdownloaddownload 3.3 Man and woman watch
3Man and Woman Eat the FruitGen. 3:1-13Engdownloaddownload 2.2 Angels, hosts and stars
4.2 Has God said?
4God's cursesGen. 3:14-24Engdownloaddownload 4.4 Death
5God regrets His CreationGen. 6:5-8Engdownloaddownload 4.1 I will
6God Saves Noah and His FamilyGen. 6:9-8:14Engdownloaddownloaddownloadshow 5.3 Two by two
7God's Covenant with NoahGen. 8:15-9:17Engdownloaddownload watch
8God's Covenant with AbramGen. 12:1-8EngGen. 15:1-6EngGen. 17:1-7Engdownloaddownloaddownload 6.1 Abraham watch
9Abram Gives His Son as an OfferingGen. 22:1-19Engdownloaddownload 6.3 Isaac
10God Spares His PeopleEx. 12:1-28Engdownloaddownloaddownload 7.3 Pharaoh and the Passover
11The Commands of GodEx. 20:1-21Engdownloaddownload 8.2 Ten rules
12The Sin OfferingLev. 4:1-35Engdownloaddownloaddownload 8.3 and 9.1
13God's Righteous ServantIsaiah. 53Engdownloaddownload
14Jesus is BornLuke 1:26-38EngLuke 2:1-20Engdownloaddownload 10.2 Jesus 5:11 - 11:42
15Jesus is BaptizedMat. 3EngJohn 1:29-34Engdownloaddownload 10.4 Baptism
16Jesus is TestedMat. 4:1-11Engdownloaddownloaddownload 11.1 Tempted
17Jesus and the Religious LeaderJohn 3:1-21Engdownloaddownload 11.3 Nicodemus
18Jesus and the Samaritan WomanJohn 4:1-26EngJohn 4:39-42Engdownloaddownloadshow
19Jesus and the Paralyzed ManLuke 5:17-26Engdownloaddownload
20Jesus Calms the StormMark 4:35-41Engdownloaddownloaddownload 45:55 - 47:55
21Jesus and the Man with Evil SpiritsMark 5:1-20Engdownloaddownload 47:55 - 50:03
22Jesus Raises a Man from the DeadJohn 11:1-44Engdownloaddownload 12.3 Lazarus
23Jesus Talks about His Betrayal
and the Covenant
Mat. 26:17-30Engdownloaddownloaddownload 12.5 Acceptance and Betrayal
24Jesus is Betrayed and Faces TrialJohn 18:1-19:16Engdownloaddownload 13.1 The arrest
25Jesus is CrucifiedLuke 23:32-56EngJohn 19:23-24EngPsalm 22:18Engdownloaddownload 13.2 The crucifixion
26Jesus is ResurrectedLuke 24:1-35EngJohn 2:19-22Engdownloaddownloadshow 13.3 The burial and resurrection
27Jesus Appears to the Disciples
and Ascends to Heaven
Luke 24:36-53Engdownloaddownload
28Enter into the Kingdom of GodJohn 3:1-21Engdownloaddownload