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lang En Ch Ne title all Christmas first line
English10000 reasonsBless the Lordlyricschords
EnglishAbba FatherAbba Father Yours alonelyricschords
EnglishAbba FatherAbba Father, we approach Theelyrics
English/ChineseAbove allAbove all powers above all kingslyricschords
EnglishAll to usPrecious Cornerstone, sure foundationlyricschords
English/ChineseAmazing GraceAmazing grace! How sweet the soundlyricschords
English/ChineseAmazing Grace (pdf)Amazing grace! How sweet the soundlyrics
EnglishAmazing love! How can it beAnd can it be that I should gainlyrics
EnglishAmazing Love/You are my KingI'm forgiven, because You were forsakenlyricschords
EnglishAncient of DaysBlessing and honorlyricschords
EnglishAngels we have heard on high (Gloria)Angels we have heard on highlyricschords
EnglishAnswer, theI believe you are the answerlyrics
English/ChineseAs the DeerAs the deer pant for the waterlyrics
EnglishAs we gather As we gather may Your Spirit worklyrics
EnglishAs we gather and steadfastAs we gather and steadfastlyrics
EnglishBe Thou my VisionBe Thou my Visionlyrics
EnglishBe unto Your nameWe are a moment You are foreverlyricschords
EnglishBecause He livesGod sent His Son they called Him Jesuslyricschords
EnglishBlessed Be Your NameBlessed be Your namelyricschords
EnglishBread of LifeBread of Life run through melyricschords
EnglishChange my heart, oh GodChange my heart, oh Godlyricschords
EnglishChrist the Lord is risen todayChrist the Lord is risen todaylyrics
EnglishChristmas offeringOver the skies of Bethlehem appeared a starlyricschords
EnglishCome now is the time to worshipCome now is the time to worshiplyricschords
EnglishCome To JesusWeak and wounded sinnerlyricschords
EnglishCornerstoneMy hope is built on nothing lesslyricschords
EnglishCreate in me a clean heartCreate in me a clean heartlyricschords
EnglishCreation CallsI have felt the wind blowlyricschords
EnglishCrown Him with many crownsCrown Him with many crownslyrics
EnglishCry of My HeartIt is the cry of my heart to follow Youlyricschords
EnglishDay after day after dayDay after day after daylyricschords
EnglishDays of ElijahThese are the days of Elijahlyricschords
EnglishdoxologyPraise God from who all blessings flowlyricschords
EnglishDraw me close to YouDraw me close to Youlyricschords
EnglishEl ShaddaiEl Shaddailyrics
EnglishEmmanuelTogether in this place of worshiplyricschords
EnglishEverlasting GodStrength will rise as we wait upon the Lordlyricschords
EnglishFaithful OneFaithful One, so unchanginglyricschords
EnglishFather, I adore YouFather, I adore Youlyricschords
EnglishFire of GodLight of the world shine your lightlyricschords
EnglishFor the Glory of the LordFor the Glory of the Lordlyrics
EnglishForeverGive thanks to the Lord our God and Kinglyricschords
EnglishGive thanksGive thanks with a grateful heartlyricschords
EnglishGlorious DayOne day when Heaven was filled with His praiseslyricschords
EnglishGo down MosesWhen Israel was in Egypt's landlyrics
EnglishGo tell it on the mountainWhile shepherds kept their watchinglyricschords
EnglishGod is goodGod is good all the timelyricschords
EnglishGod of wondersLord of all creation, of water, earth, and skylyricschords
EnglishGreat is Your FaithfulnessGreat is Your Faithfulneslyricschords
EnglishHallelujahA crown of thorns placed on His headlyricschords
EnglishHark the herald angels singhark the herald angels singlyricschords
EnglishHe is exaltedHe is exalted, the King is exalted on highlyricschords
EnglishHe knows my nameI have a Makerlyricschords
EnglishHe reignsItís the song of the redeemed lyricschords
EnglishHeart of Worship, theWhen the music fadeslyrics
English/ChineseHere I am to worshipLight of the Worldlyricschords
EnglishHis name is WonderfulHis name is Wonderfullyricschords
EnglishHoly and Anointed OneJesus, Jesuslyricschords
EnglishHope of the nationsJesus, hope of the nationslyricschords
EnglishHosannaHosanna, hosanna, hosanna in the highest lyricschords
EnglishHosannaI see the king of glorylyricschords
EnglishHosanna Praise is risingHosanna Praise is risinglyricschords
EnglishHow deep the Father's love for usHow deep the Father's love for uslyricschords
EnglishHow Great Is Our GodThe splendor of a King, clothed in majesty lyricschords
EnglishHow Great Thou Art Lord my God! When I in awesome wonderlyrics
EnglishI am the bread of lifeI am the bread of lifelyricschords
EnglishI believe in JesusO, I believe in Jesuslyricschords
EnglishI give You my heartThis is my desirelyricschords
EnglishI know You knowI can trust and choose Your will for melyrics
EnglishI Lift My Eyes UpI Lift My Eyes Uplyrics
EnglishI love You LordI love You Lord, and I lift my voicelyricschords
EnglishI stand in aweYou are beautiful beyond descriptionlyricschords
EnglishI Surrender AllAll to Jesus I surrenderlyricschords
EnglishI will enter His gatesI will enter His gates with thanksgivinglyrics
EnglishI will give You all my worshipI will worship with all of my heartlyricschords
EnglishI will riseThere's a peace I've come to know lyricschords
EnglishI will run to YouYour eye is on the sparrowlyricschords
EnglishI will sing of the lambI will sing of the lamblyricschords
EnglishI worship YouI give you all the honorlyricschords
EnglishImmanuelA sign shall be givenlyrics
English/ChineseIn Christ aloneIn Christ alone, my hope is foundlyrics
EnglishIt is the cry of my heartIt is the cry of my heart to follow Youlyrics
EnglishIt is wellWhen peace, like a river, attendeth my waylyrics
EnglishJesus lover of my soulIt's all about you, Jesuslyricschords
EnglishJesus Loves Even MeI am so glad that my Father in heavenlyrics
EnglishJesus MessiahHe became sin who knew no sinlyricschords
EnglishJesus paid it allI hear the Savior saylyrics
EnglishJesus, name above all namesJesus, name above all nameslyricschords
EnglishJoy to the worldJoy to the worldlyricschords
EnglishJust like You promisedJust like You promised You've comelyricschords
EnglishKnowing youAll I once held dearlyrics
EnglishLet the Church RiseWe are alive filled with Your glorious lifelyrics
EnglishLet your glory fallFather of creationlyricschords
EnglishLet your living water flowLet your living water flow over my soullyricschords
EnglishLord have mercyJesus I've forgottenlyrics
English/ChineseLord I lift Your name on highLord, I lift Your name on highlyricschords
EnglishLord is my Shepherd, theThe Lord is my Shepherdlyrics
EnglishLord Most HighFrom the ends of the earthlyricschords
EnglishLord reign in meOver all the earth You reign on highlyricschords
EnglishLord Reigns, theThe Lord Reignslyrics
EnglishMajestyMajesty worship His majestylyricschords
EnglishMary did you knowMary did you knowlyricschords
EnglishMighty to saveEveryone needs compassionlyricschords
EnglishMy Jesus, I love TheeMy Jesus, I love Thee, I know Thou art minelyrics
EnglishMy life is in You, LordMy life is in You, Lord, my strength is in Youlyrics
EnglishMy Savior lovesI am not skilled to understandlyricschords
English/ChineseMy Tribute; to God be the Glory (chorus)To God be the Glorylyricschords
EnglishName of the Lord, theBlessed be the name of the Lordlyrics
EnglishNo longer slavesYou unravel me with a melodylyricschords
EnglishNow thank we all our GodNow thank we all our Godlyrics
EnglishO come all ye faithfulO come all ye faithfullyricschords
EnglishO Holy NightO Holy Nightlyricschords
EnglishO Lord Your tendernessO Lord Your tendernesslyricschords
EnglishOceansYou call me out upon the waterslyrics
EnglishOfferingThe sun cannot comparelyricschords
EnglishOne pure and holy passionGive me one pure and holy passionlyricschords
EnglishOnly by graceOnly by grace can we enterlyricschords
EnglishOpen the eyes of my heartOpen the eyes of my heart, Lordlyricschords
EnglishOur GodWater You turned into winelyricschords
EnglishOur God savesIn the Name of the Fatherlyricschords
EnglishPower of your love, theLord I come to you, let my heart be changedlyricschords
EnglishPraise the Lord JesusPraise the Lord Jesuslyrics
EnglishPurify my heartPurify my heart, Let me be as gold lyricschords
EnglishPut your hand in the handPut your hand in the handlyrics
EnglishRead your BibleRead your Biblelyrics
EnglishRejoiceRejoice, Rejoice, Christ is in you, the hopelyricschords
EnglishRise up and praise HimLet the heavens rejoicelyricschords
EnglishSalvation belongs to Our GodSalvation belongs to Our God Who sits lyricschords
EnglishSandy Land, theDon't build your house on the sandy landlyricschords
EnglishSeek ye first the Kingdom of GodSeek ye first the Kingdom of God and Hislyricschords
EnglishServant King, theFrom heaven You came helpless babelyricschords
EnglishShine Jesus shineLord The Light of Your Love is shininglyricschords
EnglishShout to the LordMy Jesus, my Saviourlyricschords
EnglishSilent nightsilent nightlyrics
EnglishSing for JoySing for joy to God our strengthlyrics
EnglishSo You would comeBefore the world beganlyricschords
EnglishSoon and very soonSoon and very soon we are going to seelyrics
EnglishStand up, stand up for JesusStand up, stand up for Jesus! ye soldierslyrics
EnglishSteadfast Love, theThe steadfast love of the Lord never ceaseslyrics
EnglishStillHide me nowlyricschords
EnglishTake my life and let it beTake my life and let it be, consecratedlyrics
EnglishThat's what faith must beTo hear with my heartlyrics
EnglishThe Potters HandBeautiful Lord, Wonderful Saviorlyricschords
EnglishThere is a redeemerThere is a redeemerlyricschords
EnglishThere is none like YouThere is none like Youlyricschords
EnglishThere is peace in ChristThere is peace in Christlyricschords
EnglishThine is the gloryThine is the glorylyrics
EnglishThis is the air I breatheThis is the air I breathelyrics
EnglishThis is the dayThis is the day that the Lord has madelyrics
EnglishThis Thankful HeartI will offer up my life in spirit and truthlyricschords
EnglishTrust and ObeyWhen we walk with the Lord in the lightlyrics
English/ChineseTurn your eyes upon JesusO soul, are you weary and troubledlyricschords sheet
EnglishTwelve days of Christmas, theOn the first day of Christmaslyricschords
EnglishVia DolorosaDown the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalemlyricschords
EnglishWe fall downWe fall down we lay our crownslyricschords
EnglishWe want to see Jesus lifted highWe want to see Jesus lifted highlyricschords
EnglishWelcome to our worldTears are falling, hearts are breakinglyrics
EnglishWhat a beautiful nameYou were the Lord at the beginninglyricschords
English/ChineseWhat a friend we have in JesusWhat a friend we have in Jesuslyrics
EnglishWhat the Lord has done in meLet the weak say I am strong let the poorlyrics
EnglishWho am IWho am I that the Lord of all the earthlyricschords
EnglishWho You say I amWho am I that the highest Kinglyricschords
EnglishWith all I amInto Your hands I commit againlyricschords sheet
EnglishWonderful Merciful SaviorWonderful Merciful Saviorlyricschords
EnglishWorship Song, theLord, You are worthy to be praisedlyricschords
EnglishWorthy is the LambThank You for the cross Lordlyricschords
EnglishYou Are HolyYou are holylyricschords
English/ChineseYou are my all in allYou are my strength when I am weaklyricschords
EnglishYou are my hiding placeYou are my hiding placelyricschords
EnglishYou are the OneYou are the Onelyricschords
EnglishYou are the vineYou are the vinelyrics
EnglishYou raise me upWhen I am down, and oh my soul, so wearylyricschords
EnglishYou ShineWhy should I fear manlyricschords
EnglishYour grace still amazes meMy faithful Father, enduring Friend lyrics
EnglishYour NameMorning dawns and evening fadeslyricschords
EnglishYour WordYour Word is a lamp unto my feetlyricschords