The Alpha Course is called the “Inspiration Course” (启发 qifa 课程) on the Chinese language video.

Title: Is this what life is?

Life is so busy. Everyday: Busy, busy, busy. Rush,rush rush-fight fight fight. Life is like that, every day. From morning to night, we need to make many decisions, and often have to face the pressure of living。 We almost never have time do all the things we need to. Especially to think about the life’s big problems.

Why are we here?
What is the purpose of life?
Is this all there is to life?

(Introducing the Hosts) Hello everyone!
(Lady): How are you? I’m here now. Very happy to start recording today!

The Inspiration Course (Qifa Kecheng)  is a place where we can stop for a moment  and explore the many problems of life.

You can ask questions freely here. Share with each other. (互相交流) We warmly welcome everyone to begin this journey。(RT) Hello everyone, I am Rui Tao, from Beijing. (LZ ) Hi, I’m Liao Zhi, from ChengduWe welcome you to come for “inspiration”.

1.28 Hey Liao Zhi, have you ever asked yourself who you are? I’m Liao Zhi!
RT: What I mean is what is your true identity?What have you come into this world to do? Then afterwards, where are you going? LZ: These are the great questions of life. My life is so stressed, when do I have time to quiet down and think over these questions? RT: Right, those three words I just said , “busy busy busy”, could also be understood as busy, blind, and confused (忙, busy 盲-blind,芒-disappointed.)  (all these words are pronounced “mang” in Chinese). Some people are so busy they work through the night. Blind and without purpose. Then they are disappointed  (茫然)and lose hope. LZ: True! And life is over in the blink of an eye! Sometimes I think: “is this what life is about?”

2:03 - INTERVIEW QUESTION: If you only had 24 hours to live, how would you spend that time?People on the street are interviewed Three dots ( … ) mark a change to the next person’s answer

(Misc. Answers)...3 people: 24 hours???-but I’m so young…24 hours isn’t enough…Maybe I would be considering why I was facing such a situation….this is too difficult!…I definitely wouldn’t work, certainly not work…I would go everywhere in the world on a leisurely trip…go disco dancing…I would have dinner with family…I would go drinking, drink a lot…I would wash and put on makeup…sleep sleep sleep….I would go somewhere and plant a tree and carve my name in it, so someone would know I lived on this world….I would spend all my money…its not far off man, already almost the final station, certainly I wold spend it all, do everything I ever wanted to do. That’s good, right?
3:08 Going forward in life is more and more difficult. Everyday we face pressure and problems. What kind of job should have. Will I find love?  Betrayal from friends. Being misunderstood.  Life gives us multiple pressures and challenges. We feel that we are not taken seriously or not being loved…. all these make us feel life has no meaning.
3:30 Birth, Old age, sickness and death. Is this what life is? What really is the meaning of life? The Alpha Course gives an opportunity to explore the meaning of life. It lets us see from different angles Life’s meaning and beliefs. You might feel a bit awkward discussing these beliefs with people you don’t know.  But, one of the strengths of the Alpha Course is it gives you a chance to meet new friends.
4:07 (teacher’s testimony) When I was young there was a time when I went regularly to church. But I didn’t really know what I was doing. I didn’t understand and just sat there with my mind wandering. Or just looking around at what other people were doing. My biggest impression was the music director. His hand movements were special. It was really interesting how he moved his hands.I thought that all religions were the same. Everyone has their own beliefs. I also have my own. But I had never studied what the proof for these beliefs actually was. Was there proof that this God was real? When I needed things, or was lonely could I approach this God, or if I was bullied, could I hope for his help? It was only if I needed help that I would look for him. I didn’t really care who this God was.
5:23 In those days, the only thing I cared about was drawing cartoons. From my youth I loved drawing. I wanted to become a cartoonist when I grew up. This hand of mine started drawing at 7 years old. I participated in many competitions and won many prizes. But my sense of fulfillment was only temporary. My life seemed to lack something. There was an empty hole inside of me that was waiting to be filled up. This is a kind of constant pursuit in life.

6:00. So, I studied hard, and got good marks on exams. After graduating I found that the empty hole was still there. I thought, “Well, if I find my dream job then I will be happy.” But I discovered that wasn’t satisfied. “Well, I’m not married yet...” So, I found someone, fell in love, and got married. Then I discovered that two people being together every day can also be depressing. “But having a couple of kids will bring happiness, right?” Having kids meant that irritations also increased. So is this what life is: endlessly seeking without end? So what is life’s value and meaning?


(Different people answer)...eating….the sun can make me happy...drinking milk tea makes me dog can make me can make me happy, I can buy things...spending money makes me VERY happy...maybe going to a nightclub...seeing a good-looking guy….going out with my girlfriend..being a ‘salted fish 咸鱼’ (this means:doing nothing, and not thinking about anything), working, these kinds of things can make me happy, but these things are only temporary, I feel that lasting happiness comes from relationship with God...actually I think that my happiness is simple, making a new discovery, wearing nice earrings and good makeup, looking pretty and going out makes me happy…


8:26 Famous artist Liu Shaoqing once said: “In today’s society money and being rich prove a person’s ability.” Current society really does use wealth to define ability and success. We all strongly pursue our dreams, our future, our plans for the future, But sometimes real life is very different from what we expected. Even if our dreams come true, and we get everything we wanted, our heart is still not satisfied. It is as if life is lacking something...there is always some unspoken emptiness and disappointment

9:00 (Jeremy Lin testimony)  When I was young I always loved basketball and wanted to play in the NBA. Why do I truly feel that getting in was a miracle? That that time (Linsanity) it was a truly crazy period of time. I was the most searched person on the internet. But my heart was not really at peace then. Even though I was so famous and could have everything I wanted, I wondered why I was so disturbed. Then suddenly I was injured. I was very sad and thought that I might never play ball again. I truly cried. The things I had achieved were slowly, slowly, slowly disappearing. I kept wondering whether  my heart would be satisfied if I suddenly retired, During this time I felt that God was actually challenging my way of thinking. Only then did I begin to realize what truly loving and following God means. Why when I was at the highest point of “Linsanity”, was I still unsatisfied, But then at my lowest point, I became the most satisfied? It is because God loves me and God is my father. And the path that God has led me on is the best path. The most important thing is that I am God’s child.
12:00 (Liao and Rui)  Human nature tends to seek God, to desire God. Unless we start a relationship with God, we will always feel that something is missing from our lives….I believe that our deepest desire is for unchanging, and beautiful relationships, but human relations always seem to fall short of this. Good relationships cannot avoid change….Jesus said I am the source of life, only I can fulfill the deepest part of the human spirit, the part that longs to be satisfied….Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the is only relationship with God that brings a love that will never change. Jesus also said that it was only through him that people can have this relationship with God.
12:55 (Section Heading) John 14:6  The Way, Truth,  and Life.
(Teacher) Jesus said he was the truth. Some people hear and respond, “Congratulations that you found the purpose and meaning of life. But I don’t want it.” However if faith in Christ is the truth, then this is important for every person. If we don’t have the truth of life, we are confused 迷惑, and in the darkness 冥冥之中. It is almost like people expect a kind of supernatural power to help us. If we are in big trouble we make some kind of prayer to Heaven to help us. This why many people can say “Religion is a spiritual crutch.”精神寄托 . Even if we don’t think we need religion, we all have some level of spiritual seeking.  
When people are discussing what path to take in life, Jesus says “I am the path”. When people are exploring the mystery of life, Jesus says “I am the truth.”When people are asking where to find life, Jesus says “I am the life”
Jesus turned most people’s view of religion upside down 颠覆 . He tells us that he is the answer to every problem in life. One university history professor said that the resurrection of Christ was the most proven event in history. Actually many famous scientists were Christians DeCartes, Newton, Galilieo, Gebaini. This includes the current Dr, Qian Kun.

15:00 Testimony - Professor of Oceanic Biology (Car drives beside the sea) I am an Oceanic Biology scholar., I have done research and teaching in this field for over 40 years. I love nature and its life. A lot of people think science and God conflict with each other. 相违. I also thought that. But when researching the universe, I discovered that the universe and life were both designed with the utmost care 精心. This cannot have happened by accident. There is a form of research called “Intelligent Design theory ”智能设计论”. I spent a lot of time researching the Yunnan Guizhou plateau’s fossils。The Bible, written several thousand years ago, is consistent (一致 )with recent scientific discoveries. So I think that the Bible and Science are not in conflict. Einstein had a famous saying, “The more I do scientific research, the more I believe in God.” I am the same. When I am in nature and see the universe’s precision 精确, and life’s complexity, and the deep mysteries of the ocean, I am seeing what Einstein saw. Everything in the universe has a precise design.精密. So all of this points to a creator.
17:09 Question | If there was a God, what would you ask him?
...where is he from… when will my aspirations come true?….will love always exist? long will I live?...are spirits real?...Why did you make me so good looking?...When will I stop being single?脱单...Where is my boyfriend?...after a bad break up I could ask the love God what love is...I want ask exactly what purpose is life?...why is life created?...When will I succeed?...Are you a real director? Are we truly in a theater production?...Is there really reincarnation ?轮回...I would like him to hug me. And to know what kind of person he is...When is he coming?

18:19 SMALL GROUP DISCUSSION | If there is a God, what would you ask him?

18:40 -(Hosts enter a coffee shop) When Jesus said “I am the truth” He was not only pointing to knowledge about truth. Jewish people’s idea of truth was truth to be experienced. Both knowledge in the brain and personal experience.

Yes, Christianity is a personally experienced faith. We not only believe Jesus said he was truth, but we also personally experience the resurrected Jesus, walking together with us in life. We have relationship, moreover it is intimate and eternal relationship. I can say that Jesus is always with me. When I have needs I can feel his love and help for me. And I deeply believe his love will never change. What about you, Liao Zhi?

To me, Jesus is my closest friend. There are many things I cannot pour out  倾诉 to others, but can always tell Jesus. He never promised us a life without trouble 无风无浪的人生。But, he did promise an abundant life. Jesus takes away the things that would destroy our life.
19:43 (Teacher)  I remember once, when I was at a research institute working, my 5 year old came home from kindergarten. He went to the playground next door. He played for a long time and came back full of sweat. Then the neighbor knocked, and brought back my son’s backpack. I’m annoyed by such carelessness. Another day, I actually forgot to bring my own daughter home. It is easy to criticize others but then have even greater faults yourself. We all have evil in our hearts. The good news is that Jesus bore the punishment for all of our faults and sins on the cross. We can received God’s forgiveness for our sins. It is only when we receive that forgiveness that we can live the abundant life that Jesus gives.
22:00 Li Guang’s Testimony: Hello, I’m from Beijing. When I look back on my life up to now, it feels like a movie. I grew up in a family lacking in love. I feel from the time I was born I was an abandoned and rejected child, because my Grandmother strongly preferred boys to girls. So I always felt like a football being kicked around, because my parents didn’t want to care for me. I felt that life in this world had no meaning or value. So from an early age I wanted to kill myself. But amazingly when I was nine a seed of aspiration and hope was sown in my heart. I thought that one day I wanted to make a movie about my life. Then I could leave this world. After college I joined the famous director Zhang Yimou’s production company. I worked with famous actors. Originally this had been my motivation 动力 for living. But my inner heart was very empty. I needed things to fill it. So I began to do drugs around that time. Also to gamble. But when the drug wore off, I feel into much deeper despair. I felt like I was in a black hole drilling 钻 down farther and farther.  I wanted  to die even more. One day at my lowest point I said to God: “Do you love me?” He said to me “I love you. Child, I love you.” Very clearly. I heard him speak to me. When I received Christ in my life, I truly had a purpose for living. The purpose is precious to me. So now my purpose is to make films that have life. Through films I want to help more people know God’s love. That they will know his truth and faithfulness.
25:14 (Teacher) I once thought that having a religious faith had no relation with my life. It was only when I truly knew Jesus that I learned what was called meaning and purpose and value in life. I no longer have to depend on external things like material possessions, reputation, and identity to satisfy myself.Jesus said, he is the road that leads to God. He is able to make your life filled with meaning and purpose. He is the truth. He is life. Through him we are able to have relationship with God. And find true satisfaction.

25:57 (Hosts) In the Next few weeks we are about to begin this journey to explore how to define life and faith. Think about it, imagine that we are 75 years old. We spend 26 years sleeping, 7 years laying on the bed not sleeping. 8 and a half years shopping. One year deciding what to wear. 3 years washing clothes, 1.5 years blow-drying our hair. and 36 years in front of a screen. So why not spend 30 minutes exploring the meaning of life. Welcome to Inspiration!