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Mode of operation

The number of Chinese students in The Netherlands increases annually. In 2013 there were 4,600, in 2015 there were 6,400 , and in 2016 there were 6,700 Chinese students enrolled in Dutch Institutes of Higher Education. In Wageningen the count is 500-600. For those students there is almost no effort to introduce them to Jesus. The CSMN Foundation seeks to fill the gap. We try to understand the specific culture bound aspects of Chinese student life in a foreign country and present the Gospel in such a way that fits the mindset, character, family structure, and historic background back home. The teaching to Chinese students who attend the Friday fellowships is Bible-based. However, we do not emphasize a particular church doctrine or connection to a certain church denomination. Special attention is paid to contextualization because the students will only be in Holland for a couple of years. They will be prepared for return to China. Therefore we have and will further develop a network of Christian contacts in China where returnees will be lovingly adopted and receive help.