The Alpha Course is called the “Inspiration Course” (启发 qifa 课程) on the Chinese language video.

Title: Who is the Holy Spirit (1 of 2)

Intro: (Sitting at restaurant table) TR notices that LZ has many friends on social media. She says that when she feels lonely she still can’t find anyone to share her heart with. He offers to listen and she starts to share.
1:09 (Hosts walking up hill with luggage) LZ quotes a saying that “Loneliness is not up in the mountains, but on the streets” 孤独不是在山上,而是在街上。Among many people.  Before she was a Christian, despite her many friends she always had a lingering 挥之不去 feeling of loneliness. Because nobody truly understood her. TR says he didn’t have a lonely feeling because he had friends. Instead he had an unsatisfied feeling that friends couldn’t satisfy, because he also didn’t find someone who could understand him.
1:47 QUESTION: Do you ever feel lonely? Do you want to share more about this?
Of course, everyone feels that way. (2 people)...sometimes, especially if I have to eat by myself...not lonely, I’m go alone, I just go, if I go together with someone I just go together, If I go with a group, I just go with a group…. Loneliness is a silent companion长伴无声, you can’t get rid of it, its normal  常态… there is not way to control loneliness, I’m comfortable if lonely, -just listen to music or can’t solve loneliness- just wait a bit and - well, there is never someone who has nothing to do (so they can be with you)..if I’m lonely I like a hug...when I got my dog, no more loneliness...I cry if I’m lonely, vent发泄 my feelings and then I’m better…
2:52 Mother Theresa (特蕾莎修女) said “The world’s greatest poverty is not hunger, but loneliness”. The deepest loneliness in the earth is that we live in God’s world, but don’t know God. Someone once described the lonely feeling as missing God (“missing”  in the sense of when a loved one has gone away). But the amazing thing is that when we become Christians God sends this spirit, the Holy Spirit to be with us forever. We never have to be lonely again.
3:26 (TEACHER in the mountains) In the next few lessons we will introduce the Holy Spirit. Here are some verses: John15:26 “When the Advocate comes, whom I will send to you from the Father—the Spirit of truth who goes out from the Father—he will testify about me.” The Holy Spirit is not a mysterious power. He has a personality, He is like a person. He has reason (理智) and can think and can talk and move. The Holy Spirit cannot be manipulated by people. (任人操纵 Rènrén cāozòng). On the contrary, he guides people. The Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit can feel hurt. He knows everything (知晓万事). He has longing, aspiration, and choice. Most importantly, the Holy Spirit is love. He loves you. Since the Holy Spirit has a personality, then what is his work? Jesus said that the Holy Spirit is the comforter (Bǎohuìshī). This means someone who can be called on to be with you and help. 受召唤的陪伴者). The same Greek word can also be translated as advocate or lawyer. ( 做辩护者). That refers someone who represents and defends you in court.  (defender-辩护
者). The Greek term also be used with the idea of “encourager”鼓励者 Gǔlì zhě or “comforter” ( 安慰者 Ānwèi zhě) or helper (帮助者 Bāngzhù zhě).  
6:27 (Mountains. Hosts traveling in car )  LR tells a story about a 24 year old named Allen Anderson. He was flying in a small aircraft with only him and the pilot who suddenly had a heart attack and died.  Anderson had never flown a plane. Anderson sent out an SOS signal. A Flight school trainer named Robert Lakey (萝伯特莱基) contacted Anderson, who said. “I can see you.” Lakey calmly said 沉着说 Chénzhuó shuō) [A cartoon appears showing Lakey successivly instructing Anderson step by step to fly the plan and land it safely. The main point is that the Holy Spirit’s help for Christians is like the guidance given by the pilot to Anderson.  
8:06 (The hosts arrive at a hotel) LR: Jesus described the Holy Spirit’s role this way: He came to testify about me.  The work of the Holy Spirit is not to point to himself, but to reveal Jesus Christ. TR That means to bring us closer to Jesus and the Father. And to establish a wonderful and intimate relationship with them.
( The hosts are greeted at the hotel where the weekend will be held). “We hope that everyone will wholeheartedly enjoy this weekend. That everyone will have some good food, relaxation and rest. And  maybe take a walk, and just generally enjoy yourself. But the most important thing we hope for is that you can experience the Holy Spirit.