Cucumber salad in Chinese garlic dressing

Liang ban huang gua

4 Indian cucumbers, about 1lb
For the Garlic Dressing
8 clove Garlic, crushed. tbsp Black vinegar
2 tbsp Soy sauce
2 tsp Sugar
2 tsp Sesame oil
1/2 tsp Roasted sesame seeds
Fresh chili or hot chili oil (optional)
Black vinegar, 1 tablespoon
2 teaspoons of Toban Djan

  1. Cut the cucumbers to 1 x 1 chunks. The chunks would give you a more substantial texture than the slices.
  2. The cucumber will lose some water and water down your dressing. If you don’t like that, you can sprinkle 1/2 tbsp of salt and mix with the cucumber chunks. Let it sit for half an hour and drain out the excess water.
  3. To make the dressing, combine the crushed garlic and all other ingredients in a small bowl. Mix well.Add the dressing to the cucumber , toss and serve immediately.