disciple - the freedom in Christ message for those in their 20s and 30s

A 10-week discipleship course has been developed by Freedom in Christ Ministries (UK website) and will be given in 2021 in two settings:
1. For Chinese students in the Friday Fellowship, summer 2021, sponsored by CSMN.  Course leaders: CSMN team
2. For young internationals in ICF Wageningen, fall 2021, sponsored by ICF Wageningen and CSMN. Course leaders: Ed and Margreet van Ouwerkerk
The course is free of charge. In every evening session (20:00-22:00) we will watch three short video-teachings from a dvd, and will have group discussions in between.  Worship singing (19:30-20:00) and prayer is included. As far as we know now, the course will be online, using Zoom.
participant requirements
  1. Participants should commit to a 10-week course program: one evening per week. Each committed participant receives a participant's guide (value 7 Euros). We need to know the number of participants in advance, in order to purchase enough participant guides in the UK. Besides that, every day there is some reading time, where so-called "signpost" devotions are offered.
  2. Participants are more or less fluent in English.
  3. Participants have a modern smartphone, because a major part of the course is made available through a smartphone app. The disciple smartphone app of 37 MB is available in the app stores for Android and iPhone. In order to unlock the content of the app, £1.99 must be paid by the participant. Therefore participants should have that amount available on the App Store account.
  4. In ICF setting: participants should be Christians in their 20s or 30s. That means that they have been saved by profession of faith in Jesus Christ. They should be desiring to grow deeper into the relationship with Jesus as part of their sanctification process and their life of serving the King in the years to come.
disciple session titles
     1. Your unwritten autobiography
     2. How the story starts
     3. A true story
    4. The story of the world
    5. The story of the flesh
    6. The story of the devil
    7. Truth and emotions
    8. Forgiving from the heart
   9. Walking into the next chapter
10. Action story
sign-up in Friday Fellowship setting
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sign-up in ICF setting
I am interested, I am in the right age group, and I am a Christian who wants to grow in my faith. Therefore, I sign up below: