Discipleship | Explored

Discipleship Explored helps believers to know how to live as disciples of Christ Jesus today. It goes beyond simply teaching the right moves - go to church, pray, read the Bible, share the gospel - and focuses on the power which drives discipleship: the love of Christ. The greatest love anyone can ever know.
Eight-sessions studying Paul’s letter to the Philippians give participants the opportunity to explore what it really means to live the Christian life.
The video's are in English. On the DVD there are English subtitles.

The course entails daily commitment. Each session is accompanied by a teaching video, passage reading, and discussion. Then the participants are asked to do a daily digging deeper on the subject. Then, in the next week meeting the group evaluates the findings, before the next session is taken.
Student handbook
Video teaching for the eight sessions
Session 1
Confident in Christ
Philippians 1:1-11
Session 2
Living in Christ
Philippians 1:12-26
Session 3
One in Christ
Philippians 1:27 - 2:11
Session 4
Obedient in Christ
Philippians 2:12-30
Session 5
Righteous in Christ
Philippians 3:1-9

Thoughts about mutilation, as mentioned in Philippians 3:2.
Session 6
Transformed in Christ
Philippians 3:10-21
Session 7
Rejoicing in Christ
Philippians 4:1-9
Session 8
Content in Christ
Philippians 4:10-23