Freedom in Christ Course
Discussion questions for Session 6 Handling emotions well 

Pause for thought or breakout room 1
  1. Look at the example of Jesus in Matthew 26:37 and that of David in 2 Samuel 6:14. What can they teach us?

  2. God gave us the ability to feel emotional pain for our own protection. Do you agree? If so, how do you think that works in practice?

  3. Discuss this statement: If what you believe does not reflect what is actually true, then what you feel won't reflect reality.

Pause for thought or breakout room 2
  1. Describe a life-goal you have had that you thought would make you feel significant, secure and accepted, that ended up being blocked.

  2. How can traumatic experiences lead us to believe a lie about ourselves, God, or Satan?

  3. Discuss this statement: Children of God are not primarily products of their past. They are primarily products of Christ's work on the cross and His resurrection. Nobody can change our past, but we can choose to walk free of it. That's the whole point of the Gospel.

  1. How easy do you find it to tell God exactly how you feel?

  2. Open the FIC Course app. Go to Truth Encounter Lists and open My Father God.
    Read each truth statement one at a time and pause after each one to let it sink in.

  3. How does understanding the truth about Him make it easier to be emotionally honest with Him?