Freedom in Christ Course
Discussion questions for Session 8 Renewing the mind 

Pause for thought or breakout room 1 
  1. My entire personality has been formed around the wrong information. What do you think about the idea that for much of our lives, our belief system and how we think have been influenced and shaped by many lies and half-truths said over us?

  2. No child of God is inferior or inadequate. What does the Bible say? (Examples Galatians 4:7, John 1:12, Genesis 1:26)

  3. Read 2 Corinthians 10:3-5. A stronghold is a faulty belief that has been reinforced many times over a long period. What practical ways can we consider to make us more aware of strongholds, and how they affect our lives?

Pause for thought or breakout room 2
  1. Spend some time discussing the ways that strongholds are established. In what ways can you identify with the story of the alcoholic father and his three sons? Can you see any strongholds that have been established in your own life?

  2. Look at this list of common lies that people come to believe about themselves:
    Find a Bible verse for each word that shows that this cannot be true for any Christian. The truth encounter lists may help you.

  3. Read 1 John 4:4. Who is greater than the one who is in the world?
    No Christian, no matter how bad their past experiences, has to remain a victim. God doesn't change our past, He sets us free from it! Discuss.

  1. Have you become aware of lies that you are prone to believe? What is the most significant one?  

  2. Create your first very own stronghold-buster, using the pages 162-167 of your participant's guide.
    NB in the FIC Course app, currently only one stronghold-buster can be built. I (Ed) have reported this flaw.