Freedom in Christ Course 系列课程 :在基督里的自由
Discussion questions for Session 10 What's next? 第十节:接下来如何?

Pause for thought or breakout room 1 暂停思考或分组讨论室1
  1. Look at the questionnaire "What do I believe?" on page 184 of your participant's guide. If you feel comfortable to share, share with the group where you put your lowest score and what you wrote for that question. 填写读者指南184页上的“我相信什么?”的问卷。如果你愿意的话,可以和小组成员分享你得分最低的问题以及你针对该问题所给出的回答。

  2. Second Peter 1:3 states that we have everything we need for life and godliness. Discuss the idea that, whatever life-goal God has for you, no circumstance or person can prevent you from achieving it - except you.  彼得后书1:3指出神已将一切关乎生命和虔敬的事赐给我们。讨论:无论神给了你怎样的人生目标,除了你自己,任何事情和任何人都无法阻拦你实现这一目标。

  3. Read 2 Peter 1:3-11. There is no mention in Peter's list of talents (verses 5-7), intelligence or positive circumstances. How does that change your thinking? 在彼得后书1:3-11中彼得在列举天赋时(第5-7节),并没有将智力或顺境包括在内。这会如何影响你的想法?

Pause for thought or breakout room 2 暂停思考或分组讨论室1
  1. In what ways can we know significance by focusing our time on things that will make an eternal difference? 当我们花时间关注那些会带来永恒影响的事情,我们从哪些方面可以认识到这样做对我们的意义?

  2. Read 2 Peter 1:3. What causes us to want to be "someone else", rather than growing as the unique person God has made us to be? 通过阅读彼得前书2:1,我们看到是什么导致我们总想成为“别人”,而不是努力成长为神塑造的那个 特别的自己?

  3. Read Matthew 25:21. Christians can often feel overwhelmed by the many things that demand their time. Discuss the idea that greater satisfaction come from doing a few things well, rather than from doing many things in a haphazard or hasty way. 阅读马太福音25:21。基督徒常常会因为许多事情需要花费时间而感到手忙脚乱,不知所措。讨论:相比于慌慌张张地同时做很多事情,我们其实能从认真将几件事情做好中获得更多的满足感。

Reflection 思考
  1. Discuss the idea that God's goal for your life is that you become more and more like Jesus in character (John 14:27). What would it look like for you to embrace that? 讨论:约翰福音14:27说神给我们的人生目标是努力让自己在品格上越来越像耶稣。如果接受了这个人生目标,你觉得那会是什么样子的?

  2. Spend some time in prayer committing to God's goal for your life and thanking Him that you can achieve it in His strength. 花一些时间祷告,接受神给我们的人生目标,感谢神让我们靠着他加给我们的力量可以实现该目标。

  3. Spend some time thanking God for what He has shown and taught you through the course. Ask God what steps He wants you to take next. 花一些时间感谢神在整个课程中向你展示和教给你的一切。询问神,他希望你下一步做什么。