Fried rice

  • 1 egg per cup of rice
  • Rice (3 cups of rice for 6 persons)
  • Smoked sausages (1 sausage per person), brand Hormel Smokies
  • 1 bunch of green onions (1 green onion per person)
  • Boneless chicken breast (1 lb per 6 persons)
  • Green peas (1/2 lb frozen package for 6 persons), defrosted
  • Chinese dried mushrooms (1 small package for 6 persons or less)
  • Chinese red pepper sauce (Lao Gan Ma)
  • Yellow Indian curry
  • Soy sauce
  • Salt
  • Package of Chinese flavored spices

  • Cook the rice and cool, at least 4 hours prior to the rest of preparation
  • Soak the mushrooms in boiled water for several hours
  • Cut the sausages in small pieces
  • Cut the green onions
  • Cut the chicken into small pieces and marinate for a couple of hours in the red pepper sauce (per pound 1 tablespoon)
  • Cut the mushrooms in slices
  • Fry the eggs in oil and scramble during frying and set apart
  • Fry the chicken in oil till not red inside anymore, add the green peas and mushrooms and add some soy sauce, set apart
  • Fry the dry and cooled rice in oil, stir it loose, add some red pepper sauce (add as spicy as you want), yellow Indian curry, 1 teaspoon of the package of Chinese flavored spices and salt
  • Add, chicken/green peas, sausages, eggs and green onions