Gulu rou - ku lo yuk

Serves 15
It is a Cantonese dish, either Gulu Rou (咕噜肉) or Gulao Rou (咕咾肉) or Ku_lo_yuk
It can also translated into 'sweet and sour pork'.

800 g pork loin
Chinese five spice powder
 (Wu Xiang Fen. I don't use it in this dish).
4 eggs (separate yolk and white)
1 can of 500 g pineapple chunks
4 red/yellow bell pepper, cubed
4 green onions, sliced
1 bottle of tomato ketchup
soy sauce
cooking wine
  1. Cut pork in cubes, mix 2 tsp salt (12 g), pepper (better to use black pepper powder), cooking wine (You can pour the cooking wine into its cap, about 3 caps), sesame oil (optional), egg white (3~4 eggs) and marinate cubes overnight or few hours before the preparation.
  2. Cut pepper and green onions into cubes and slices
  3. Put flour on the meat and mix (let the whole surface of all meat covered with a thin layer of flour)
  4. Deep fry the pork loin for a few minutes. If it’s a big portion, fry it in portions. Take it out and set apart (when the color turns yellow).
  5. Fry garlic, ginger, green onions and bell peppers.
  6. Add soy sauce (60 ml) and vinegar (120 ml)
  7. Add the pineapple with the juice.
  8. Add the meat
  9. Add the bottle of ketchup (could be less, 180 ml; I also add some water to rinse the bottle, just a little since there is already some pineapple juice)
  10. Add sugar (40 g or more)
  11. You can also add 12 g starch
  12. Serve over rice.

    Step 6 to step 11 can be combined to one step, the sequence is not important.
    After step 10, you can taste the mixed sauce in the pan, adjust the quantity of each seasoning.
    For example, if it is still sour, put more sugar.