Roasted duck - kao ya

1 duck (about 4 lb)
Marinate ingredients
2 tbsp salt
5 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tbsp five-spice powder
1 chunk of ginger
1 tbsp cooking wine

1. Defrost duck, mix together marinate ingredients, brush onto duck twice, 1 hour apart. Marinate over night (about 10~15 hours), turn over once.
2. Boiling a big pot of water, pour boiling water to duck skin until duck skin contracts, about half hour.
3. Mix syrup with water, brush onto duck skin; 1 hour later, brush duck all over the second time.
4. Dry out overnight. (hang in garage)
5. Baking. Cut 1 apple in half, put in duck.
400F, 40min
250F, 1 hour
400F, 30 min
Turn over
400F, 45 min till golden brown and crispy skin.
Slice thinly and serve with lotus pancake, sweet flour sauce, cucumber and green onions.
Lotus pancake (18)
200 g all purpose flour/cake flour
160 cc hot water
2 tbsp veggie oil
English Cucumber 
1, thinly sliced
Green onions
Thinly sliced